I Kinda’ Know What I’m Doing Now!!!

I know what I’m doing now (Well, kinda!) I’m thinking back to last year when I had no idea what I was doing on anything. Especialy not planning. I think about this because now I am a little better at planning because I am utilizing the resources at my disposal. There’s a new Literacy Coach at my school who is wonderful. She helped me put together a lesson plan for OCR that uses the English Language Support Guide (ELSig) and the Intervention Guide.

Now, I am going to sit down with my Math Coach next week to get my Math lesson plans together. So, I kinda’ know what I’m doing a little. Once I learn all of the curriculum, I am going to be unstoppable.

I wil post the lesson plan later in the week just in case you’re interested. As always, here’s to continued  success.


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