MFH…Again!!! (or Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Peace!)

Yes, Dear Readers,

MFH is at it again. She is a terribly unhappy person who is not happy unless she’s making someone else happy. But, I will not be one of the ones she makes unhappy. I just won’t let her. I am going to keep being me. If she had it her way, her daughter would be the only student in 4th grade. That way, she could get ALL the attention.

This is her problem- I have a combination 4/5 class. In order for the class to work, I put all the 4th graders together in one group; and I put all the 5th graders together in one group & switch back & forth all day. I am making the best out of a bad situation. MFH knows this, but she chooses to complain anyway. What did she do this time? Well, she went to the Principal. AGAIN!!! She complained that her daughter does not get enough feedback. NOT TRUE! The Principal said that she told her she knows I give the students feedback, but I’m not too sure if I believe that.

The problem- She stopped upsetting me. Whenever I spoke with her, I put a smile on my face. But that wasn’t the case during the first month of school. During the first month of school we were going at it because she wants me to give ALL of my attention to her child, to the exclusion of every other student. Obviously I cannot do that.

Well, I decided to put a stop to her harassment and to stop her from trying to ambush me in the mornings & after school. I put up a conference request sheet on my door that can be signed whether I’m there or not. I also started heading her off at the pass & began giving her daily updates on her daughter’s behavior. I really tried to work with her, but I see there is no pleasing her, so I’m not going to try.
Problem- She wants me to change the way I run my classroom. Well, that’s not going to happen. I am not going to stop running my class the way I run it. My classroom is very efficient and runs very well. It works for me & the students, soI will continue to work on my students and myself, professionally & personally. She is such a non-factor, it’s not even funny!

Problem- She wants to steal my peace, but she cannot or will not steal it. I’ll keep it to myself. Thank you very much!

So, that’s my rant for the day. Have a good day & don’t let anyone try to steal your peace.


I was recently alerted that my blog appears, in its entirety, @ I couldn’t believe it. I checked it out & simply could not believe it. Not only did I never give them permission to use my post (and make money from it), but I contacted them to take the site down. Do you think they did it??? Well, do you??? The answer is a big fat resounding no. I would like to know if anyone knows of any way to sue them or at the very least, get them to take it down. This is very frustrating. I have never made one thin dime from this blog that I have worked tirelessly on for over 3 long years. This is my baby! How dare they STEAL my intellectual property!

Before writing this post, I visited the site & it has changed. It’s not an exact copy of my site like it was this morning, but it has the exact same content with my name. I am so mad I could just spit.



Why The Sneer?

Okay, dear readers, this is my rant. I got a lil’ something to say it, here it goes. My daughter, Phillise, has had great teachers during her short time in school. I’ve had great relationships with them all. They’ve all been really nice with sparkling personalities. That is…up until now. Her current teacher is not mean, she’s just not as personable as the others. She’s kinda’ dry with little personality. The first day I met her on the first day of school, she was very dry. I didn’t really care for her then, but decided to hold off on forming an opinion. Well, last night, @ back to school night, I made up my mind about her. I really don’t like her. She made a comment about Phillise’s writing; that she thought it was really good and that my baby is very creative.

I know you’re probably thinking, Well, what made you mad? She’s complimenting your child. Okay, I’ll get to it.

I told her that Phillise was no stranger to books, as we have a small library in our house. I also told her that she knows how to do book reports and how to make and bind her own books. I also told her that we were colleagues, since I’m a teacher.

“Yes, Phillise told me that you’re a special ed. teacher,” she said with a sneer.

Did I miss something? The last time I looked, a special ed. teacher is a teacher is a teacher. I work so hard. It’s unfortunate that some people still think that special ed. teachers are babysitters.

Once I realized she was sneering. I told her that I was no babysitter and that I teach my students OCR. I was so mad at myself for explaining anything to her. If she believes that I’m a babysitter, so be it. I don’t owe anything to her. I could gone on, but I won’t. That’s all I have to say.

That, my dear sir or madam, is my rant for the day!

If One More Person Comes To Class With Celery & Carrots…

Okay, here goes. This is what bothers me. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I got a lil’ something I’d like to rant about. Like to hear it, here it goes.

If one more person comes to class with celery and carrots, I am going to scream. They crunch so loud. Seriously, I think those are the loudest vegetables ever. Let me tell you that loud crunching is a big pet peeve of mine. I hate it with a passion. I try to get over it because I know that everyone makes noise when they eat. Some louder than others. The ones who chew louder than anyone else are the ones who bother me.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that those snacks are healthy. Let’s face it, not everyone forced to eat on the run, going from a teaching job straight to school, will choose healthy food over fast food, but do they have to announce it to every single person in the room. I think not!

Please, for the love of God, stop all that damn loud crunching!!!!!!!!!!

That my dear sir of madam is my rant for the day.

University Interns ARE Highly Qualified!

A couple weeks ago in bootcamp @ B.N.U., my advisor read the class a story from the L.A. Times about a parent trying to sue the state because her child’s school had too many teachers who weren’t qualified. Some of them were University interns, like me.

My advisor read it to us in response to my question regarding my introductory parent letter. Usually in the parent letter, the teacher introduces him/herself, their qualifications, expectations for the year and a host of other information.

The answer was up in the air. She told me to ask the principal, because some people get upset when they find out that the teacher is an intern.

Firstly, I understand that this parent wants her children to have the best possible education. Also, any parent has a right to know about the credentials of those in the classroom. It’s the law. That is not what I have a problem with. What I have a problem with are frivolous lawsuits. University interns are considered highly qualified.

To be considered for the position of intern, I had to have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Passage of the C.B.E.S.T.
  • Passage of all three parts of the C.S.E.T. (which isn’t easy by the way)
  • Course in U.S. Constitution or the appropriate waiver
  • Health clearance
  • Fingerprint clearance (F.B.I. background check)
  • Authorization to work in the U.S.
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A letter from my credentialing program stating that they believe that I am capable of performing the job. (Believe me that letter from the university is not automatic. Candidates are placed under much scrutiny before that letter is delivered. If that letter is delivered, the candidate earned it.)

Okay, some say that calling an intern “highly qualified” is just a way to skirt the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law. While this may be true, most of the interns are placed in areas that are hard to fill. If the interns aren’t placed in the class, then some classes will be without teachers. Is it better to have someone in there who wants to do the job, is enthusiastic about the job and willing to learn or have the class vacant because someone who already has their credential isn’t willing to teach there? Though interns may not technically be “highly qualified”, they soon will be. They have the passion and are raring to go. I can honestly say, that if given the choice of a teacher who’s been there for 100 years but is burnt out vs. a fresh teacher who is actively learning in school all the new laws and techniques, I would definitely prefer the fresh teacher.

What I’m saying is that before “people get their panties in a bunch“, they should make sure their information is correct. University interns are considered highly qualified. Not all are young, but they are enthusiastic and raring to go.

That my dear sir or madam is my rant for the day!

Today, She’s My Birthday!

Today, I have something to say about deceivers. They make me soooo mad. They are always trying some scheme or another to defraud someone. Another thing about that that makes me equally as mad is when they succeed.

Did you ever see that “I Love Lucy” episode when they were in Italy. It was little Ricky’s birthday and she missed him so much. One of the kids in the village heard her crying because she couldn’t be there for her baby’s birthday.

To make her feel better, he told her, “Today she’s my birthday.”

Lucy decided to give him something for it. Once he saw that she was giving gifts, little by little, he started bringing other kids from the village to get some too. She was so excited that she just decided to throw a big party for everyone.

Finally the original kid starts feeling bad that he had fooled her when she was only being nice that he decided to make all the kids give back their gifts that Lucy had given them. Well, one little girl did not want to give hers back. She started crying and crying. Finally she explained that today really was her birthday.

Lucy was so happy that she let all the children keep the gifts. Even though they’re little kids, they did get over. Even though they apologized, their original intent was to defraud.

Ya’ know what, the whole time Lucy knew. She just missed her baby so much that she didn’t care. She knew that the kids in the village didn’t have much; she just wanted to bring a little happiness to them. That’s how it is with real life. Sometimes someone may think that they’re pulling one over on someone when they’re not. Be careful of who you’re friends with, you just might learn a lesson.

There are certain people who don’t think so though. Why, oh why do people have to play games? They eventually get what’s coming to them in the end, but they hurt so many people in the process. It makes me so mad! I wrote/said all that to say that life is too short to play games.

That my dear sir or madam is my rant for the day!

If You Don’t Know…

If you don’t know what the #$%& you’re talking about, then don’t say anything. I don’t like it when people who are in charge of something don’t really know what’s going on. This is one of my pet peeves. I know that it happens, but how can you be in charge and not really know what’s really going on? Or worse yet, give out misinformation?question-marks.jpg
I am so glad that I thoroughly research whatever I’m interested in, or else I would be up the creek without a paddle. What am I talking about you ask?I am talking about someone that I spoke with recently regarding my application for L.A.U.S.D.

Except for my C.S.E.T. results that I get tomorrow, I have everything that I need to become hired as a University intern for L.A.U.S.D. I know because I have done extensive research. Well, why then did I get a different answer when I spoke with this person in question. She told me that I had to be in my credentialing program for at least a year (not true). She only told me negative stuff; what I couldn’t do. Okay, it’s fine to tell me the realistic aspects of what I can’t do, but THEN counter that with what I can do; with what I need to do to help me reach my goal.

Never once did she try to offer up any type of solution to me or give me other alternatives. When I tried to ask her more questions, she didn’t entertain them. She was pretty dismissive. This pisses me off. Had I been anyone else, I probably would have been discouraged. Since I didn’t get the answer that I wanted, I simply called back.

After speaking with my advisor a couple of days ago, she told me that even if everything didn’t go well regarding the C.S.E.T. , then I could ask for a provisional University intern contract. This is basically an emergency credential. I just wish that the person @ L.A.U.S.D. would have told me that. But you know what, I am very resourceful. I always find out what I need to know. I make it a habit of asking, asking and asking some more until I find an answer that’s satisfactory to me. I’m glad that I have a fantastic advisor.

This is for all those out there who don’t know their job. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, find out the answer(s) from someone higher up or maybe even an underling who knows the real answer.

That my dear sir or madam is my rant for the day!


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