A Wednesday Night E-mail!

Dear Readers,

I’m so glad that I have the trust and rapport with my students that I do. One of my students was comfortable enough to contact me last Wednesday night at 10 p.m. because he knew that I would respond. Amazingly I just happen to check my e-mail a minute after he e-mailed me. The timing was so opportune.keep-calm-it-s-wednesday-14Thank goodness I managed to calm him down. I’ll e-mail him tomorrow to see how he’s doing. I’m glad I could help him. It didn’t even bother me that he contacted me on my summer break.

Essential Questions

Dear Readers,

I am required to submit a weekly digital agenda that must include essential questions. When I first started writing them, they were very basic; too basic I think. So, I decided to do a little research so I could write better essential questions. Here are a couple of sites I used:





https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/structure-learning-essential-questions (Video- 1:39)


chrome-extension://gbkeegbaiigmenfmjfclcdgdpimamgkj/views/app.html (ppt.)


Live Life!

Dear Readers,

Amount of direction signs with europeans countries names.

I see this in my future! ~Leila~

I thought I was going to make time to write during this vacation, but found myself actually living life like I never have before. I’ve discovered that my way of thinking has changed. Activities that used to hold my interest no longer hold my interest anymore. I now want to travel. For Christmas break I’m going to Barbados and probably Puerto Rico; I’m not really sure yet about Puerto Rico. I’ll keep you posted. Until the, live life to the fullest!

Reflective Me!

Dear Readers,

I’ve been in such a pensive mood since I finished the school year on Friday. I’ve had so much down time and time to get my affairs in order. I’ve learned and have learned so much about myself this past year on a personal and professional level. Right now I am in the process of making some pretty big decisions. I, of course, am trying to make it as easy as possible, but there are always kinks in the plan. I’ll see how it goes.

Bye for now!