Resource Lab Final, Part 3 (Update)

Dear Readers,

I’ve been reading over my post, as I usually do, and discovered quite a few posts that I promised to update you on, but did not. One of the ones I’m tackling first is the Resource Lab final. On my post from December 2014, I wrote that I was thinking about going back to a paper final instead of a digital final.


As I looked at that I laughed. I cannot imagine going back to a paper final. While I can’t imagine what caused the frustration of wanting to return to paper finals, I’m happy to report that I did not return to paper finals. Not only did I not return to pear finals, but I found a way to make grading my digital finals (and all Google forms) more efficient with Flubaroo. Flubaroo is an add-on that grades assignments in under a minute. In order to do this, simply add in name & email address when creating the Google form. Follow the other directions and students will know their grades right after taking the final.


Email me if you have questions @


Violating My Own Rhythm!

Dear Readers,

I just discovered this meme that perfectly sums up how I feel when I violate my own rhythm. That is to say, that when I do, say, or align with something that my soul doesn’t feel right about, or something that makes me feel “off” and inauthentic.


I am a very, very, very complex person. I need so much down time that I feel that I need another job. I say this because I feel like I cannot cope unless I have much down time. I barely feel like I functioned properly last year because of my caseload of 44/52 students in my school. I made a deal with the other Resource Teacher to do most of the IEPs & compliance issues while I did most of the teaching. That is something I will never do again.

The above reasons are why I need another job. Ever since I’ve been working, I’ve been in search of the perfect job. What I’ve discovered is that the perfect job does NOT exist for me – YET! I need to create it.

This is a partial description of the job that would be perfect for me. It needs to:

  • allow me to work from home when necessary,
  • only work 3-4 days/week,
  • pay approximately the same salary that I’m making now or more,
  • not be a step down, not a lateral move, but an upward move,
  • allow for flexible hours,

I can’t think of anything else right now, but will text more as I think of it! Bye for now!

The ME I’ve Always Wanted to Be!

Dear Readers,

One of my favorite lines from the movie, Jersey Girl, is when Liv Tyler’s character says that she always wanted to be an uptown girl; that she always wanted people to look at her and think that she’s an important person with her nice clothes on, and her good job, etc. Well, just like her, I always wanted the same thing. I wanted to be a Ladera Girl (It’s a well to do Black area in L.A.). I wanted to be the person that some little girl looked up to because of my nice clothes, important jobs, & because I was simply gorgeous.

While I may not be the “Ladera Girl”, I am the ME I always wanted to be; I just didn’t know it. I had to stop and think about it  for a minute. That’s when I thought about ME- my habits, my triumphs, my goals, my strengths, & my weaknesses. I thought of ALL that I am, and I was pretty pleased with myself and all that I’ve accomplished.

During all of my many hardships and accomplishments, I’ve become a person that I am quite proud of. Looking back on my life and seeing how I’ve developed, words cannot adequately express how proud I am of myself.

During one of the hardest times in my life- my greatest time of stress- I managed to graduate with a B.A. & a Master’s degree, become a better person, overcome many personal obstacles that had kept me down for so long, and discover many good things about myself that I didn’t know.

Even though I’ve learned to take the good with the bad, looking back on my life makes me, sometimes, wish that I would have had an easier life. However, I know that if I would have, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. And I have to say that I really like the ME I’ve become. I’m the ME that I’ve always wanted to be. I just didn’t know it while I was busy wishing to be the “Ladera Girl”!

So, piggybacking off of the above, here are some positive and negative traits I’ve discovered about myself that I’m perfectly happy about:

My Negative Traits

  1. Moody
  2. I did not give my all to two of my students this year.
  3. When I’ve had too much interaction with people, I get overwhelmed.
  4. I sometimes shut down when I get overwhelmed.

My Positive Traits

  1. I’m a very hard worker with an excellent work ethic.
  2. I do NOT give up. I’m not a quitter. At times I’ve wanted to give up, but something in me would not let me.
  3. I give my all. If someone is not getting my all, then something is wrong. I ask myself why this person is not getting my all. Why did I back off of this person?
  4. Piggybacking off of #3, I love my family and give my all to them.
  5. I love taking care of my family.
  6. I’m a good mother, sister, aunt, and daughter.
  7. I’m a great cook. I love cooking.

That’s it for now. If I can think of anything else, I’ll write more. Bye for now!

Election Mad, Part 2!

Dear Readers,

So, this is what I was Election mad about. I’m piloting an English Resource class. I, and my fellow Resource co-teacher, were throwing around some ideas with the Principal since the majority of the students were failing English across the board. This is how the class works. I am slated to teach 9/10 English class of Special Education students with a credentialed (or intern) English teacher, while my co-worker is slated to teach 11/12 with the same credentialed teacher. The credentialed English teacher will provide the English expertise while I will provide the Special Education expertise. The students will not have the traditional English class. It’ll be like a Special Day Class (SDC) in a charter school, but just for English.


I feel like I did a lot of talking but I’m not sure if I explained it right. Basically, I’m going to be piloting an English Resource class for students who are fresh out of an SDC or are really low, skill wise, and are not prepared for the rigor and demands of a college ready environment.

I wrote all of that to say that I’m Election mad because my Principal wants to put upward of 20 students in the class. I told her it was too many but she said that I wouldn’t run it like I run my Resource Lab. I was trying to explain to her that that was still too many students, but she was not listening. She thinks she knows about the needs of students with IEPs, but  she really doesn’t. Did I mention that she also wants me to teach 11/12 also?

I’ll make it work, as I always do, but I would like to have a semi-easy year, or at least a year where I don’t feel like quitting. We’ll see how the year plays out. Although it may not seem like it, I’m actually excited about teaching the class- the 9/10 class. I always said that if I wasn’t a Special Education teacher, I would have been an English teacher. I now have my chance.

I’ll keep you updated!

A Day in the Life of a Resource Lab/Learning Center!

Dear Readers,

Someone emailed me and thought it would be a good idea if I shared how a day in my life at the Resource Lab  looked. I teach 1st, 5th, & 6th period. I push into the 10th grade English class the first half of 4th period, so my prep periods are the last half of 4th period, 2nd period, & 3rd period.

This is how my day goes:

7:30-7:48: I arrive at work and look for a parking spot close to the front of the parking lot so I won’t get blocked in. I do a little housekeeping (copying, tidying the classroom, etc.), I may warm up my oatmeal and wolf it down.

7:48-8:00: The bell rings at 7:50, so I stand at  at my classroom door and greet the students.

8:00-8:47: Advisory. We complete college activities, homework, grade checks, etc.

8:50-10:50: Since my school operates on reverse schedule, my schedule depends on the day of the week. This is what we do: We review the agenda, objectives, I show the students a video on the disability of the week, & read the day’s inspirational quote to them. During the last few weeks of the school year, the students have a lot of work to make up, so that what we’ve been working on lately. I split them into groups/stations. They either work in Independent station, Collaborative station, or directly with me in Direct Station.

10:50-11:05: Nutrition. During this time, I’m usually printing papers for students, counseling a student, and/or trying to actually get something to eat.

11:10-1:10: Depending on the day of the week, this is my prep period. If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, this is my prep period. If it’s my prep period, I work on an upcoming IEP, make copies, or usually give it up to work with students who need extra help.

1:15- 3:45: I rinse & repeat at the end of the day.

So, there’s my schedule. How does your Resource Lab/Learning Center look?