To Die For

I was so lucky. About three weeks ago, on one of my weekly trips to Michael’s, I got my heart’s desire. Imagine how happy I was when I saw that Sizzix’s personal die-cutting machine & the accompanying die-cuts were being retired so they were on sale for 60% off.


Now let me just tell you, I’ve had my eye on this machine for quite some time, but didn’t want to pay the original price of $89.99. Can you imagine how it felt to pay $35.99 before tax. OMG, for the just a little more than what I would have paid for just the machine, I was able to pick up the alphabet die cuts too. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the original price of $149.99. However, $59.99 was just fine with me.

Talk about happy. I was more than happy; I was ecstatic. I was able to pick up these items for a song and dance. Am I a blessed woman or what?

I plan to use mine to scrapbook with my daughter for fun, but I will also use it to complete projects at home. I was so happy to find these things because sometimes the teacher’s workroom just doesn’t have what I want. Other times I just want to work at home. Now I can do that.

If you’d like to do the same or if you’re looking for a personal die-cutting machine of your own, try these sites. I found great deals on die-cuts on ebay and on the Sizzix website.

Even though this is small, I am trying to do everything that I can to prepare myself for the job that lies ahead of me. Sometimes, though, all I do just doesn’t seem like enough. Help!


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