Kickin’ Kaknowledge????

I am putting up a new post category. I know that this shouldn’t warrant a post, but hey, I am the Blogmëister!

The new category is called “Kickin’ kaknowledge.”

Hold on. I will explain.

Years ago, I knew this guy who liked herbs (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). After imbibing, he would get very talkative. He would expound, for what seemed like hours, on why prison inmates lifted weights or how much television they watched. He even talked, at length, about why the sky is blue.

He thought that he was enlightening me on very important, life changing stuff. Of course I needed to know about the mating habits of white rabbits, right?

Sometimes he would even get defensive if I asked him a question. He would defend his point, however stupid it was, like he was defending a Ph.D. thesis.

After that, he liked to snack. A lot!

I said/wrote all that to say that my husband and I came up with a term for this. We call it Kickin’ kaknowledge. That’s right. Not knowledge, but kaknowledge.

So, henceforth, the term, kickin’ kaknowledge, shall refer to any person who is talking utter nonsense, but thinks that they are enlightening you with important life changing information; it also refers to someone who defends their stupid ramblings like they’re defending a Ph.D. thesis, regardless of how idiotic they sound.

Basically, if I include someone in this category, I am calling them an idiot or saying that they did something idiotic. 🙂