Proud Me!


Just a random thought. I’m sitting on my sofa, so proud of myself. I started my Guys Read book club a couple of days ago. I managed to wrangle our next door neighbor who is the same age as David into joining. Including my two little ones, we now have three members. When I see our neighbor down the street, probably on Saturday, I’ll get him to join. His mom will love for him to have something to do in the summer.

I promise that I am not going to fall off the wagon this summer. I am going to keep up with it. As I speak, I am printing out the bookmarks to laminate; the stickers to go into the Xyron sticker making machine and the Guys Read posters to put up in my two little ones room.

I will post pictures later in the week. Til’ next time, hasta la bye-bye.


Unfi. nished Posts

I have so many unfinished posts. I have so many thoughts and ideas in my head that many remain unfinished because I just can’t get the thought out. When I start on the post, I think that I have a pretty good idea of what I want to say, then I sit down to finish it and nothing. I just can’t finish it. Nothing seems to come to mind. I just can’t seem to think about how to finish it until a few days later when the words just won’t stop coming out.

Sometimes I’m so anxious to get them out that I just write and write. I love it. The thrill of writing. The thrill of getting an idea out. Actually having someone respond to one of my posts is amazing.

It is one of my goals to write and publish a children’s book within the next two years. Sometimes I get writers block just like anyone else, but this blog is so helpful because I can post about so many different things. I love this thing called a blog. I love it, love it, love it!

Baloney (Henry P.)

I wrote a post, Not the besta’ of Scieszka, reviewing John Scieszka’s book, Henry P. Baloney. As you will recall, I felt like something was missing from the book. However since my opinion isn’t the one that matters, I felt that I needed to rethink my post.

Well, after writing my review, I started thinking about whose viewpoint was important anyway! So, I gave my 9-year old little boy the book to read for our Guys Read book club since I had only read it to him, he hadn’t read it for himself..

Needless to say, he loved the book. He loved the weird words. He even asked me to look up the different languages. We looked up words in Finnish and Inuit. He also wanted to know what a Spoonerism was. I didn’t know what a Spoonerism was so we looked it up. I learned something new.

Once he found out what spoonerisms were, he wanted to try to “spoon” other words.

I was so proud of him for taking the initiative to come to me and learn more. He actually read the book more than a week ago, so I was quite surprised when he came back and wanted to talk about the book. What a beautiful surprise it was to have my baby come to me to learn more.

Once again, thank you Mr. Scieszka!