I am writing this post in praise of imagination. What does this have to do with Chickenrocks, you ask?

chicken.jpg rocks.jpg

Chickenrocks! That’s an unusual term. What is it? What does it mean? It’s something my sister Amber made up. She’s unusual also. Amber is quite a jokester. She can make up a story in no time flat and have you believe it.

Phillise was over Amber’s house showing off her muscles when Amber said that Phillise’s muscles looked like rocks. Phillise then said, “Uhn uhn, yesterday you said they were chickens.”

“Okay,” Amber said. “Let’s call them chickenrocks.”

When Phillise came home and told me that Amber said that she had chickenrocks, I’d thought that I’d die laughing. Of course, I had to call Amber for an explanation.

This is a classic example of imagination at work. No matter how crazy it is! That’s one of the greatest things about childhood. It’s when our imagination is most active. Just like most children, Phillise uses her imagination a lot. She can spend hours making up songs, stories, and games. Unfortunately, I think fourth or fifth grade is about the time that children stop actively using their imagination so much. For some children, it’s even earlier.

Even though Amber is waaayyy old (j/k), she still uses her imagination a lot.

I can’t say it enough, so let me say it again that imagination is one of the best things about childhood. Encourage it and nurture it in your children and those that you know by reading to them. Let them make up the ending to their favorite book. For even more fun, begin a story and let them finish it with all sorts of weird details. It will serve a double purpose; while they are exercising their imagination, it will help them with their writing skills. Don’t stop them or tell them that it sounds crazy, even if it does.

Help them help their imagination run wild!


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