Re: I Hate to Read!

In regard to my post from a couple of days ago I Hate to Read. I have gotten a couple of responses to this. Most notably from an author by the name of Max Elliot Anderson. He sent me many links in reference to his work. I am going to the library in a little while and I will let you know. I will let David be the judge of the work. I should report back on this in about a week.

I am glad that he responded because as you all know I am on a quest to find books for reluctant readers. Max Elliot Anderson touts himself as a former reluctant reader who now writes for reluctant readers.

Thank you for your response Mr. Anderson. I’ll report on this later.


Prom 2007 update






phil-and-christina-in-room.jpgHey, I just left everyone hanging about Sam’s prom. Here are some of the pictures from the champagne party.The decorations were nice. I made it luau themed. I handed out leis to the first 15 guests.
Her hair was so cute. He was so handsome.They were just too cute together. Look at the back of her dress. Isn’t it cute? I had to take a picture of it. The camera doesn’t do it justice. I did not want to stand next to Chris because she’s so small. She’s about a size 2. I look a little wide, but still cute. Do Phillip and I even look like we have a son graduating from high school?


I swear he was just a baby. Where did the time go?