Time Flies by Eric Rohmann

I brought this book out of its hiding place because of the post that I wrote on imagination earlier this week. Again, I was rotating my books and came upon this one that was originally Sam’s. It’s written by 2003 Caldecott Award winner Eric Rohmann.


Published in 1993, it won a Caldecott honor award. The drawings, of course, are what caught my eye when I first purchased the book in 1997 (I think). They are beautiful. This book is perfect for reluctant readers because, guess what, there’s no reading involved. There are only pictures like this one.

When I gave this book to Sam when he was about 8, he shocked me with his storytelling abilities. I didn’t tell him anything. The only instructions that I gave him was to tell me what was going on. He told me such an elaborate story with such detailed information that someone listening to him would have thought that there were words on the page. I was very impressed.

I tested it on Phillise this morning. Her story wasn’t as elaborate since she is only 5. She just told me exactly what she thought was going on in the story with very little detail.

I gave the book to David but it was at an inopportune time; he was trying to play a game. He reluctantly read it, but he didn’t put his all into it. His story telling was just basic. I will try again at another time when he isn’t trying to rush back to the game.

All in all, I love this book because children have to actively use their imagination. At the very least, they need to really pay attention to be able to make up a story to go with the pictures. I would highly recommend this book to anyone from 5-9, maybe even 10, depending on their maturity level.

** Tip ** Make sure that your child’s whole attention is focused on any book that they read, so they can get the full effect. Remember, you need to help them help their imagination.

I saw it on Amazon.com for as cheap as $1.51.

Check it out!