Happy Me!

This post is so different from yesterday.

This is yet another post about me managing to wrangle children into the Guys Read book club that I’ve been going on about.

I was so impressed with one of my recruits. When he came over late in the evening, I explained to him what I expected of him, and he was off and running. He was excited to get the book and the other stuff that I gave him.

I explained to him that for every ten books he read, he needed to write at least two simple book reports. I also explained to him that he would get to pick a prize, which could either be another book, some stickers or some other stuff that I purchased.

He brought the book report back the next morning with his proud 8-year old self. I was so proud of him that I gave him an extra treat (a cup of peaches).

I am so happy with the way that the children that I have recruited (David, Phillise, my godson, two nieces and 3 of the children on the street) have responded. They are honestly excited about reading. This is like a dream come true. I expected to have to cajole, plead, and bribe these children with big bribes to read, but that has not been the case.

I am really so happy about this!


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