Thursday’s thirteen meme

I just found this great website. It’s called I am still unclear about how it works, but from what I understand, every Thursday, you post a list with 13 things on whatever random thing you want to post about.

Here’s mine.

Thirteen things I love to do:

  1. Nothing.
  2. Play with paper dolls by myself and with my daughter.
  3. Watch sci-fi.
  4. Watch cheesy films/shows.
  5. Spend time with my children.
  6. Spend time with my husband.
  7. Spend time by myself.
  8. Read.
  9. Write.
  10. Go people watching (more later).
  11. Shop.
  12. Clean up.
  13. Relax.

7 Random Things

Hey, I’ve finally been tagged to write 7 random things about myself from startingtoday.

And here they are:

1. Even though a lot of people know this, I’m going to write it anyway. I’m a sci-fi nut/junkie. I love all of the Star Treks and almost anything sci-fi. I even watch those extra cheesy sci-fi original movies. I know, it’s pathetisad.

2. I am studying for the CSET. Only my future is riding on passing it.

3. I still love playing with paper dolls.

4. I’m an odd person. Not many people understand me. Those who get me, get me. Those who don’t, don’t.

5. I have an off-beat sense of humor. I will laugh at almost anything. A joke has to be pretty lame for me not to laugh.

6. Even though everyone has so much faith in me, sometimes I have serious doubts.

7. I’ll be 37 this month.

I’m trying to think of seven other people to tag, but I don’t know that many. The Fashionista’s already been tagged, so that leaves What’s new and exciting! and Alejandra.

No Cash For The Volleyball Please!

Have you seen that commercial where everyone is paying with credit mastercard1.gif and debit cards atmdebitcard.jpgand someone comes along and pays with cash? Well, that’s what my post is about. When someone comes in and messes things up. This is one of my pet peeves.

There’s a certain order to things; certain dynamics involved in a group. There’s the leader, there’s the yes man and there’s the naysayer who always finds fault but never offers up any good ideas. Of course there are others, but these are the basics.Well, there’s almost always a kink when a new person arrives. That’s what happened when I was at the park yesterday. Here’s the story:


Our church plays volleyball. It’s just an impromptu get together where whoever wants to play plays regardless of their skill level; but it’s usually the same people. We have our own little rhythm going; we tease each other and playfully make fun of each other when the ball goes out of bounds. Well, someone new came along and definitely put a kink in things. She didn’t understand the dynamic of our group. She started gettin’ all serious and trying to control our silly playing. Well, we ignored her and she finally shut up and left.

I said/wrote all that to say this, whenever you go to a new group/place, don’t come in and try to take over. I’m not saying don’t offer up or express your opinions or anything, just do it in a way that’s respectful to the other members of the group and respect their dynamic.

That my dear sir or madam is my rant for the day!