Book Club Update Yet Again

One of my recruits, with his 8 year old self, is the first one to read 10 books and claim his prize. I am so proud of him. I haven’t been getting on David enough. I am going to right now as soon as finish this post. I am not going to fall off like last year. I am not where I should be but I am still on track.

***P.S.*** After writing this post, I got David to write down the books that he read. Now I really don’t feel like such a slacker. He just hadn’t been writing them down. Once we wrote them down, we realized that he read 12.

Since Keila can’t read, I let her get credit for her books that I read her if she can tell me about the book after I finish. So, I’ve read Keila 14 books that I can remember. So they both got prizes.

I will post the forms later. Bye for now.


A Site For Writers

Since I have decided that I have more than enough space inside my addled little brain to do more than one thing at a time, I have decided to pursue my other love of writing also. I found this site, called EditRed, that will showcase your writing and allow you to sell your books, if that is what you want; there are even contests with cash prizes to enter.

ink-pen-in-head.jpgI was blown away by the amount of talent there. I’m going to upload a short story that I was just working on about unrequited love. My name is Leilab37.
If you are an aspiring writer and would like to take a look, here’s the address:

Check it out!

Capital One

What’s in your wallet? More importantly, what’s in you?

Since I am a busy mother of a very adorable 5-year old little girl, I watch a lottttt of Nickelodeon, Boomerang, and Disney channel. Well, we were watching this Disney movie with Brenda Song (of Suite Life of Zack & Cody fame) in it, Wendy Wu. It’s basically a Buffy the Vampire Slayer ripoff. In the movie, Wendy does some pretty miraculous things. When she asks the guy, her protector, how she does it, he tells her that what’s in her is coming out.

That’s how it is with life. What’s in you will come out. It’s natural. It has to come out. There have been times in my life when I have had to dig down deep and find that place in myself to help me make it through the day. It was there the whole time. I just had to help it come out in this case.

How do you make it through the day when you’re having a tough time? What’s in you?