Stolen, Cherished Moments

This is something that bugs me until I think about it. My children love to talk to me. Especially when I’m doing something. Well, I thought about it one day while I was fussing at them to leave me alone. What would happen if they did leave me alone?

Dakota is tight-lipped Larry, so when he wants to tell me something, I try to remember to stop what I’m doing and listen to him because those times are rare and I don’t know when they’re going to happen again.

I also think about how I’m 36, soon to be 37, with 2 teen-age sons; one soon to be in 11th grade, the other soon to be in college. Since I had them young and am aging well, people often think that I am their older sister. One time when I went to pick Sam up from school last year, the nurse acted like she didn’t want to release him to me. She kept asking me if I was his mother or his sister. It was very flattering.

Now that I’m finished bragging, back to the lecture at hand. How can I have a kid, soon to be in college, when I still feel like a kid? That’s exactly my point. I was just a kid not too long ago. I said/wrote all that to say cherish them. They grow old much too quickly. So what if they interrupt me when I’m trying to read. So what if they want to talk when it isn’t exactly convenient to me. That’s what I’m here for. I do take time for myself (a lot during the summer), but I’m there when it counts.

Be the best mom, aunt, nanny, dad, uncle, godmother or godfather you can be! Here’s to us!