Thirteen Common Truths

Here’s thirteen common truths:

  1. Children are very expensive.
  2. College is very expensive.
  3. Buying a house is better than renting. No matter how much responsibility it is.
  4. Making your child’s name so unique that even they can’t spell it until they’re 12 is not cute.
  5. Turning 18 does not mean that you’re grown.
  6. You cannot do it all by yourself. There is always someone there.
  7. It’s not cute to be irresponsible at 30.
  8. Getting a $400 raise does not mean that you can now afford that car for $450/month.
  9. You are not going to stay young forever.
  10. If you get pregnant and have a child, you just might get stretch marks.
  11. Everything comes to an end.
  12. Nothing too good or too bad lasts for too long.
  13. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.