Time To Stop Hiding!

I had this dream last night that is symbolic of conditions in my life. In the dream, it was the end of the world and I was hiding from everything. I was terrified. I kept running and running, and hiding and hiding from the boogie man. The only thing was that I couldn’t get away from him. So finally, I got tired of running, turned around, looked him square in the eye and told him that I was simply not scared of him anymore.

dreaming.jpg I strongly believe in my dreams. Of course, some are utter nonsense, but others are definitely our subconscious working things out for us or trying to tell us something that we just won’t listen to or accept in our waking life. That dream said to me that I am on track and doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. You may be wondering how I got this from my dream. Well, there are a lot of little details that I left out because I just can’t put the feelings and emotions into words.
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Even though I sometimes think that my life hasn’t gone exactly the way it’s supposed to, it has. Although…there has been times in my life, when I was depressed and I didn’t love me as much and I would scream bloody hell and wonder why, oh why, did my life turn out like this. But, you know what? My life isn’t half bad. It just got off to a slow start is all.

My dream was just showing me that I was hiding from issues in my life that I had to deal with, but have since decided to face up to. It was showing that now is the time to stop hiding and step up to the plate, like I was saying in my post a couple of days ago.

What are you hiding from? Are you facing your fears? If no, why not?


One thought on “Time To Stop Hiding!

  1. Good for you for facing up to your life! It is hard.

    Last night, I had two STRANGE dreams. One is scary freaky. The first one, I was outside with some friends, and we were doing lines of cocaine! Let me tell you, I’ve never done coke in my life, and in my dream, I was doing it like a pro.. It was WEIRD. Second dream? (Warning: This is the freaky one – I got a major major hernia or something and my intestines all started massively coming through… Yeah, gross. Please tell me that these are just random dreams! I can’t analyze them; they don’t seem to make any sense!

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