The ABC’s Of First Year Teachers

I found this on a website:


  • Admit your mistakes — and learn from them.
  • Be firm but flexible.
  • Communicate with parents.
  • Develop a homework policy — and stick to it.
  • Empower your students; don’t just lecture to them.
  • Find time to attend after-school events.
  • Get to know all the teachers in your school and make friends with the cooks, custodians, aides, and secretaries.
  • Have the courage to try something else if what you’re doing isn’t working.
  • Institute a clear discipline policy — and enforce it consistently.
  • Just listen — both to what the kids are saying and to what they’re not saying.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Learn your school’s policies and procedures.
  • Model desired attitudes and behavior.
  • Non carborundum ignorami. (Don’t let the imbeciles wear you down.)
  • Overplan.
  • Prepare interesting lessons.
  • Quit worrying and just do your best.
  • Remember that you teach students first, then you teach whatever academic discipline you learned.
  • Stay alert.
  • Take pictures.
  • Understand that the learning process involves everyone — teachers, students, colleagues, and parents — and get everyone involved.
  • Volunteer to share projects and ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask others to share their ideas with you.
  • Work within your limits.
  • Xpect the unexpected — and plan for it!
  • Yell if you need support.
  • Zero in on your strengths, not your weaknesses. (Remember — nobody’s perfect)