Touching Spirt Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

I read this great book by Ben Mikaelsen, Touching Spirit Bear. Total Transformation recommended it for David, but I realized that it was too much for him, so since I checked it out from the library, I read it. I was very impressed by this book. So much so that I am going to buy it to have in my personal library.


This book is recommended for ages 10 and up. I would agree with that. I am returning it to the library, but when I purchase it, I am going to give it to my older sons to read.

I really didn’t intend for this particular post to be a book review when I started writing. I only intended for it to be about a particular portion in the book that I felt was so profound.

Well, here it is anyway-the title character in the book, Cole Matthews, is very angry and has had a lot of run ins with the law in his short life. His parents always manage to pay someone off and get him out of his mess. That time is over.

After he brags about robbing a convenience store and is caught as a result of a classmate, Peter, telling on him, he goes crazy. He ends up causing Peter brain damage. The courts say no more. He is finally faced with real jail time. He still doesn’t see that it’s his fault. He blames everyone but himself: his abusive father, his alcoholic mother, even Peter.Read More »