So Abandoned & Alone

I can remember coming home from school in 12th grade to find the house all boarded up. I went to the front door and saw that it was boarded up. I went to the side and it was boarded up. I went to the back door and it was boarded up.

When I saw the pale yellow colored paper on the front door, things became clear.

We lost our home! We’d been evicted!

After realizing what happened, embarrassment set it. I quickly went around to the back of the house and sat dejectedly on the back step not wanting any of my friends to see me. I was hot, thirsty, hungry and confused.

I had so many questions like: What’s going on? Where’s my mother? Why hadn’t she taken care of things? Where was I going to sleep? How would I get to my clothes? my shoes? my bed? Everything was in the house. Since it was a pretty warm day, I didn’t leave the house with a jacket, so I didn’t even have a jacket. I had nothing.


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