If.. I.. Could.. Just.. Reach.. My.. Utility Belt!

Why does it is seem so easy to do wrong and so hard to do right? Recently I heard about someone that I know of with a felonious past who was really trying hard, but he “allegedly” fell; he went back to to the “big house“. Right now the evidence is only circumstantial, so I’m hoping that he’s innocent because he has been so faithful for about three years now. Whenever the church doors are opened, he is there. He drives the church bus. He participates in Sunday school. He is there for everything. Then stuff started happening to him out of the blue. He lost his wallet and didn’t have the money to replace the stuff in there. He fell on hard times. The list goes on.

He was really trying, but I guess that the temptation to go back to his old lifestyle was probably just too much for him to resist.


The straight and narrow… isn’t for everyone. Everyone can want to do it, but everyone will not have the tenacity and the determination to stay on that path.

I know that if he could have held on just a little longer, his breakthrough was right there. But, obviously, he couldn’t. Maybe he didn’t want to, maybe he just didn’t have it in him.Read More »