A Peek Into The Mind Of A Crazed Post-A-Holic!

I was reading this author’s website with interviews from authors who have had books published this year and they were discussing their writing process. I was inspired by that to write about my writing muse and my writing process. I read the article because I wanted a peek inside their heads. How would you like a peek inside the head of a crazed post-a-holic?

ink-pen-in-head.jpg This is me. It could very well be my self portrait if it weren’t a man. I feel like writing is in me. It is what I do. It is who I am.

Let me just start by saying that everything inspires me. Everything is a potential post. Since I don’t have to limit myself, every thing’s fair game.

If I had my way, I would write all day long about whatever popped into my mind. I literally have to stop myself and redirect my mind to something else so that I won’t write. I like to post more than once a day. Nay, I say..I have to post more than once a day. Posting less seems like I’m slacking. When I do something I go all the way. No half-stepping here. That’s why I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 posts in only 3 months time. I am the only contributor here, so I’d say that that’s a lot. I’d say I was definitely a post-a-holic.Read More »