Congratulations Are In Order!

champagne1.jpg I passed!I passed!I passed!I passed!I passed!I passed!I passed!I passed! What am I trying to say? Yes, I have officially passed all three parts of the C.S.E.T. I am sooooooo happy! Yay me! Once I get my official transcripts from Azusa, I can start going on interviews for L.A.U.S.D.

Studying does indeed pay off!

Now…Back To Reality!

Hey, here’s something you may not have expected: me to write about something involving special education. I know, I know…who would have thought that a website that’s supposed to be about special education would actually write something about special education…but yep, I finally have something to say about it. It’s been a long summer y’all and things are coming to an end. I have to go school shopping for my children, I have to go on job interviews for L.A.U.S.D., I’m starting back to school, etc…

There are so many things that I want to talk about so let me number them.

  1. Going back to school after a 4 month break.
  2. Finding a job.
  3. Not feeling like I’m good enough at first.
  4. Going school shopping on a budget (more later).

Well, the time has come, the time is now, so Marvin K. Mooney (me) is going now. I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that I’m starting work on my mild/moderate Special Education credentials, but just in case I didn’t, there it is!

School officially starts back for me on Wednesday, August 29th. This week, I have to go for a 20 hour pre-service boot camp. I am so happy, excited and honored to be going to Big Name University (BNU). I have a fabulous advisor who I get along great with. The program sounds wonderful. My advisor is going to be there every step of the way. She will go to my first I.E.P. meeting with me, help me with assessments, and be on campus with me at least six times a year. I am so pleased!

This leads me to my next thought about finding a job. It’s all dependent on passing the C.S.E.T. for which I will get the results today. Keep your fingers crossed! But whether I do or not, my advisor told me about another avenue that I could pursue- it’s called a Provisional Pre-intern contract. This is for those who have trouble passing the standardized tests.

Here’s the link:

This leads me directly into my thought about not feeling good enough. Before I was admitted, I was wondering about how I was going to feel. I began to feel like I’m not good enough. Do I have what it takes to make it @ BNU?

Yes. Yes I do. I have always had it. I felt this same way when I first started at Azusa where I was definitely out of my element. Even though BNU is a bigger and better known university, I don’t feel like I did @ Azusa. I was feeling that way initially, but I ‘m not now. Thank God that I got over that!

On to my next point. Snap back to reality! No more lazing around the house on vacation. I am returning to school and so are my children. That means school shopping when there is barely any money in the budget. Look out for my post on Mission Impossible: School shopping on a budget! tomorrow.

This post was kinda’ long so I’ll end it here. Until next time people, hasta la bye-bye!