Mission Impossible: Assignment #2 (Hold On & Believe)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hold on and believe that God is there and will pull you through. As usual, I don’t have a choice but to succeed. If I were given the choice of accepting or denying this assignment, I would have turned it down. Well…hold on…I’m not sure…I don’t know if I would have taken it or not because in the past when I have endured an especially hard trial, I have come out smelling like a rose. I learned a lot and was thankful afterwards. During the trial… well that was a different story. During the trial, I did my usual number of whining, bitching and moaning.

But, once I stopped all that silliness, I pulled out my arsenal of weapons- the Bible, friends, gospel songs, etc… Of all the songs that I listen to, there are three that I go to time and time again.They are: “Stand” by Donnie McClurkin. Secondly, “We’ve Come This Far By Faith,” and lastly, “I’m Looking for A Miracle”. These songs speak to me. With the message that all three of these songs send, it makes feel good. It gives me something to hold on to.donnie-mac.jpg
Things are pretty bad but I’m not that worried because I Have Come This Far By Faith. I know that God has not brought me this far to leave me. This song helps me feel better because I know that God has never failed me. I would be a fool to believe that he has now. There has been many times in my life where I have felt like I feel now; it was always when my trial was nearing its end.

I am reminded of my post from a couple of days ago when I wrote about reaching for my utility belt. I know that if I could just hold on until the end, that my breakthrough is right there. All I have to do is reach my utility belt- God. He is my utility belt. He has everything that I could possibly need and some other stuff that I may not even know that I need.
When I’m going through a tough time as I am now, my absolute favorite song is “Stand”. After listening to this song, I feel like I have the strength that I need to go on. I feel like I can stand. I feel determined to stand through the storm and through the rain. This song helps me dig deep down into my reserves and get it together enough to make it through the day. Because sometimes, y’all, it can get so bad that you’re living, not from day to day, but from hour to hour, minute to minute.

Whenever I’m looking for a miracle, I get myself ready. If I want new clothes, then I clean out my drawers and make a list of what I need and want. If I want more food, of course, I clean out my fridge and my cabinets. That’s why I’m cleaning out my drawers for new clothes and my fridge and cabinets for an abundant overflow of food. I am looking for my miracle. I know that something good is coming.

I don’t know what gets you through, I just know what gets me through. It’s these songs. They are my salvation. You have to have something that gets you through. If you don’t have something, now is the time to find it. Find that sacred place deep inside you that you can call upon in your time of need. That is what will make all the difference between completing that impossible assignment and making it through vs. failing that impossible assignment and suffering a terrible setback.

You can do it. Just hooooooooold on (Mississippi Mass, “Hold On Old Soldier”) and believe!