Brushing Up On Your Grammar Skills!

When I was younger, I was a stickler for the rules; especially grammar rules. I can remember when I dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” I didn’t forget things; other people did. My paper was never marked up like everyone else’s.


Well, gone are those days. I forget commas, or I put them in places where they’re not supposed to be. Let’s not even talk about semicolon usage; either I abuse it or under use it. The other day, I actually misspelled a word. Imagine that. Me. The one who was almost Spelling Bee champ in sixth grade (thank you very much). I found this site where you (excuse me, where one) can brush up on their grammar. If you’d like to check it out, the website is:

Either You Do Or You Don’t!

question-marks.jpgI was talking to my husband Phillip the other day when he asked me a question that I hadn’t stopped to consider for a long time.

“Why do you want to teach special ed?,” he asked.

He asked me this in response to the story that I was telling him regarding the bad day that I’d had in the classroom that I was subbing in last week.

It all started years ago when I worked at a Special Education Center with severely disabled students. It was not a good experience for me and I did not want to do it again. To do that type of work takes a special person- I am not that person.

I don’t think that Phillip really understood what I was saying. He thought that I was being mean. I wasn’t. What I was saying…well, the best way that I can say this is to compare it to the desire to have children. Either you want them or you don’t. There are no if, ands, or buts about it. In the same vein, either you want to be a special ed teacher to the severely disabled or you don’t.

It’s that simple. Either you do or you don’t!

I don’t!

I want to deal with mild or moderate students with learning disability or autism. I’ve worked with many children with mild autism and learning disabilities and really enjoy it.

My “problem” with the severely disabled is that there is almost no interaction. Working there for the two months that I did, I missed the interaction. I like interaction. I like to have a response to my question. Saying that I want anything less would be lying to myself as well as others.

So, to sum up everything, one of the reason that I want to teach special education could be because I like helping those who are underdogs and outsiders, since I am one myself I know their pain personally.

I want to improve their quality of life. I think part of it could also be that I feel that people need to continually improve themselves, and I want to be there to help them do that.

I want to help them to not only grow academically, but socially as well.

I want to be there or hear about it when they get something for the first time- that “Aha” moment!

Until next time people. Hasta la bye-bye!

Thursday’s Thirteen

In no particular order, these are 13 things that I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Although a broken heart can kill, it didn’t kill me. Although it probably feels like it now, it won’t kill you.
  2. Childbirth, though it hurt worse than anything I’ve ever experienced, didn’t kill me.
  3. There is still life after a 30 day late.
  4. That being said, it is far easier to get things, and for a cheaper price, with good credit.
  5. That being said, good credit is hard to get; even harder to maintain and way too easy to lose.
  6. I’m 37. Yesterday I was 18. Life passes by waaaaay too fast. It’s so precious. Cherish it.
  7. Although it can seem like it at times, nothing too good or too bad lasts for too long.
  8. Having four children and going back to school is not easy. (Understatement of the year!)
  9. Regardless of what my husband thinks, bills don’t take care of themselves. I actually have to schedule payments or go there and pay them.
  10. Putting the maximum amount of money into 401K is one of the smartest things you can do; especially when your company matches it.
  11. Plan. Plan. Plan.
  12. Be flexible.
  13. Always have a Plan B, C, D, E……

Breaking News Regarding Mychal Bell!

On my way home from school, I was listening to KJLH when Jackie Stevens, the news reporter, announced that she had an exclusive interview with Dr. Ernest Johnson, President of the Louisiana chapter of the N.A.A.C.P.

Dr. Johnson announced that, in his conference with the governor of Louisiana, he presented the Governor with a petition that was 130,000 names strong. They then proceeded to have a conference…and to make a long story short, the D.A. in Jena decided not to appeal the decision to try Mychal Bell as an adult. In a couple of days he should be home with his parents.

They are now working on the cases of the rest of the Jena 6!

Hallelujah and thank you Jesus!

A Fire Engine For Ruthie by Lesléa Newman

A Fire Engine for Ruthie (2004), written by Lesléa Newman and illustrated by Cyd Moore is so cute. It’s tells the story of a little girl named Ruthie visiting her Nana. Nana has a lot of stuff planned for her and Ruthie. Ruthie, however, has her own ideas of what fun is.


It’s said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well, I have to disagree with that this time. I did judge the book by the cover and I was right. The total package made me want to know more about what was inside. Before buying it, I quickly read the inside cover and decided that it was worth my money.

I liked everything about it from the beginning: the color, the overall look, the illustrations, and especially the title.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

On their way home, they pass Brian’s house. Ruthie shields her eyes from the sun to watch Brian playing in his front yard with a fire engine. A red fire engine with a black-and-white dog sitting up front and a silver ladder that slides up and down and a yellow hose to unwind and a siren that goes

whee-ooh! whee-oh! whee-oh!

“Do you have a fire engine to play with at your house, Nana? Ruthie asks.

“No,” says Nana, “but I have some beautiful dolls waiting at home for you.”Read More »

God Really Looks Out For Me, part II!

Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe this. If this were someone else telling me, I probably wouldn’t believe it. Okay, time to stop rambling. I am talking about finding uniforms for Phillise.

My money, like most peoples’, is funny right around school time because of back-to-school shopping. Well, my mother-in-law took care of most of that when she took my sons shopping. The only one that I had to take care of was Phillise. That was easier said than done because of the uniforms that she’s required to wear.

fallaslogo.gif I figured that I’d go to Fallas Paredes, the uniform store, to get her uniforms. The only problem is that they stopped carrying the color that she needed.

What? Are you kidding me?

I was so upset. Of all the colors to discontinue, mine is the one that’s chosen when my money is so funny it’s making fun of me!

Well, I went to this other local store that’s owned by Fallas Paredes, Factory 2 U! factory-2-u.gifThe cashier told me that the chain no longer carried those colors anymore, but the manager did give me a flyer with the phone number and locations of all their stores in the L.A. area. I decided, like I always do, that I would not take the word of one person, ’cause one monkey don’t stop no show!

I called all of the Fallas Paredes that were within 10 miles of me until I found one that carried the color that she needs. Did I find them?

Boy did I? And can you guess how much they cost? You are not going to believe me, so I am including the receipt.Read More »