Sally’s Room by Mary K. Brown

Sally’s Room, written and illustrated by M.K. Brown, is sort of like an answer book to The Day That Henry Cleaned His Room that I reviewed a couple of days ago. In that book, reporters came to Henry’s house when he decided to clean up. Well, in this book, no one goes to the room, the room is the one that travels.

This book is extra silly. These are my daughter’s sentiments exactly. She said, “Mommy, how can her room follow her to school?” She thought that it was so funny.

Sally can’t believe her eyes. What is her room doing in the hallway of the school?She is so embarrassed. She didn’t know that it was so messy in there. Still, she  doesn’t have a problem with it. Why can’t everybody just leave her alone?

This book is a cute, little book, about 1st-3rd grade level. It would make a great read aloud, just like The Day That Henry Cleaned His Room.

Try as I may, I could not find a picture for this. However, that doesn’t stop me from recommending it. Go out and get it for your little messy drama queen.