High Frequency Words!

High frequency words are words that appear well… frequently. They are often confused with Dolch sight words. However, there are some differences.

(I found this resource @ http://www.eduplace.com/rdg/res/frequent.html. This is taken directly from the website.)
Simply put, high-frequency words are the words that appear most often in printed materials. According to Early Education expert Robert Hillerich, “Just three words I, and, the account for ten percent of all words in printed English.”

High-frequency words are hard for students to remember because they tend to be abstract. They can’t use a picture clue to figure out the word with. And phonics clues don’t always work either.

Learning to recognize high-frequency words by sight is critical to developing fluency in reading. Recognizing these words gives students a basic context for figuring out other words. Once they recognize the, they can predict with amazing accuracy what the next word will be

Ideas for Teaching High-Frequency Words

  • Have students create rebus sentences, using high-frequency words such as the, is, and in.
  • Write high-frequency words on cards. Have students form sentences using a pocket chart.
  • Have students keep lists of words they can read and write. When they have trouble with a word, they can refer to their notebooks.
  • Point out similarities between new words and those students can already decode.

Here’s a list of 1200 high-frequency words: http://www.pedagonet.com/quickies/words.htm

Jan Brett also has high frequency flash cards on her website that are so beautiful. Here is a representation of what’s @ her website:


Also, I just couldn’t finish until I told you about this cute little game I found-high frequency hangman. Test your knowledge of high-frequency words @: www.manythings.org/hmf/8993.html

Check it out!


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