The Library by Sarah Stewart

the-library.jpgThe Library (1995), written by Sarah Stewart and illustrated by David Small, a husband and wife team, is an adorable little book. It was a fun read with nice illustrations.

Initially I was attracted to this book because of the front cover. The woman on the front cover, the title character, Elizabeth Brown, loves reading so much that she does it while she’s walking, in the rain, on the train, in the bed, while exercising, while vacuuming, etc. the-library2.jpg

She becomes so engrossed in what she’s reading that she loses track of where she’s at. She gets off the train and settles there. Once there, she continues her habit of collecting books. So much so that she soon runs out of room in her own house.

Here’s a snippet from the book:

Elizabeth Brown

Entered the world

Dropping straight down from the sky.

Elizabeth Brown

Entered the world

Skinny, nearsighted, and shy.

She didn’t like to play with dolls,

She didn’t like to skate.


She learned to read quite early

And at an incredible rate.

She always took a book to bed,

With a flashlight under the sheet.

She’d make a tent of covers

And read herself to sleep.

I liked this book because that was me as a child. I read everywhere just like she did. I read everything I could get my hand on; I still do.

But as I always say, my opinion isn’t the one that matters, it’s the children. So, as always, I gave this book to David. He liked it, but he wasn’t crazy about it since he is still a reluctant reader, and it was about someone who loves to read.

I would put this books’ reading level at 3rd-4th grade level because of these words:

straight, nearsighted, incredible, flashlight, delightful, olympiad, manufactured, exercising, goddesses, vacuuming

Some are context clues (clues which can be figured out by what’s going on in the picture), and some are clues that have to be explained. This always makes for a great way for parents to spend time with their children and to have teachable moments (more on that later).

I would recommend it for those who love to read and who want to have their own story told, as this story did my own.