I’m Not Signing That!

“Nice try, but no dice,” I said to my 16 year old son Dakota as he tried to shove a paper in my face to sign as I was walking out the door.

My children know the rules. I don’t sign anything in the morning.Why?
Because I was a teen-ager before and I tried the same thing: trying to get my mother to sign something that I did not want to explain.

He had all weekend to give me said paper, yet he chose not to. Well, I’m thinking, there has to be a reason for this attempted deception.
What is it the reason, you ask?

He was trying to get said paper signed because he got a “D” in his history class.
This is unacceptable on so many levels.
First, because this boys’ scores on standardized tests are all Proficient to Advanced. Secondly, he did so well on his PSAT that an organization contacted me so that he could join them and see the world.
I could go on and on but I’m not. You get the picture!
He already doesn’t get to watch t.v. or play video games during the week. Now, that privilege is going to be taken away on the weekends. Plus we are upping his daily study time.
So anytime any of my children ask me in the morning, “Can you sign this mom?”
My answer is always a resounding NOOOOOO! I’m not signing that!


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