The Wheel! Oh, The Wheel!

The basics are the basics. You have to have them. You need to understand them before you go off trying to tweak them. My husband and I were just talking about that oh so crazy wheel. Sometimes you just have to accept that a wheel is a wheel. Other times you have to reinvent it. There’s just no other way.

pretty-wagon-wheel.jpg←I want my wheel to look like this,

however it looks more like this.↓


This lesson I have to plan is so different. All the rules are out the window. I have to reinvent the wheel for this. The problem is that I don’t even know the basics-what the wheel is supposed to look like.

I was given an Open Court book, very little instructions and told to plan a lesson for 8 SDC students with various disabilities and mental capacities ranging from non-verbal to 4th grade.

This is hard (understatement) because I don’t even know the basics. Oh that damn wheel! That damned wheel! Why did it have to be this way?

I need help. I need to know how, oh how, do I even begin to plan when I really don’t know what to do? Does anyone out there have any recommendations?


What would Peter Parker do?

I am big fan of Stan Lee’s Spider Man. It’s full of tragic parts. The part that breaks my heart about Spiderman is when Peter’s Uncle Ben gets killed. Just in case you’ve been in a coma for like, forever, I am talking about Peter Parker, Spiderman’s real life self.

After getting bitten by a spider, Peter discovers that he has these fantastic powers. He thinks that he should be able to profit from having them. Wrestling, he decides, is the best way to do that. He wrestles and wins. On the way out of his match, as he’s counting his money, someone -a thief- runs by him.


“Hey, stop that man!,” someone shouts out.

“That’s not my problem,” says Peter.

Or is it? Later on he finds out that it is indeed his problem. That same guy that he let get away murders his Uncle Ben. Peter blames himself. What would have happened if he would have stopped that thief?

Would his Uncle Ben have been murdered? From then on out, he decides that it is his problem and does something about it.

Okay, I already know what Peter Parker did then, but what would he do, knowing what he knows now? The reason I’m asking is because in the classroom that I’ve been observing all week, MY potential classroom, there’s this one kid… OMG, he is off the hook! He throws things, he hits and bullies other kids, and just generally has unruly behavior. Not only that, he’s leading the other kids astray.

My question is what should I do? Should I fight for him to stay and try to work on his behavior to the detriment of others? or should I be like Peter Parker and say that it’s not my problem.

I feel like Spiderman caught in the web above. I’m stuck! I can’t run away from this, nor can I continue with the class in its present mess either. I think I already know what to do, but am just scared of doing it. I’m writing this to talk myself into taking the job. Oh boy, the perils of teaching!

If Peter Parker’s history shows anything, it’s that not caring or trying to help others with their problems will come back to bite you in the a**!

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do what Peter Parker didn’t do! I’m going to help before it bites me in the a**!