The End Of The Storm!

I have been in a really reflective mood lately. I have been thinking about the trial that I endured in the summer. As always, whenever I emerge from the storm, bruised, tattered and torn, I always wonder what the purpose was. Well, this time I kinda’ knew why I was going through what I was going through. Just like I also knew what the purpose was.

When I was younger, during the storm I would sometimes wonder why. Why me, God? Why me? To which my mother would reply, “Why not you?”


“Okay, fair question,” I thought to myself. It still didn’t make the trial easier, so I was still reluctant to go through it.

Now that it’s over, I wonder how I made it through with so little money. Even through all of this, there was still food on the table EVERY night. My lights were still on. I still had gas to cook with and most importantly, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown like I thought I was.

You know what, you won’t either!

So, long story short, I have been thinking about everything that I went through during the summer and am actually thankful. I always am. Afterwards. But something different happened along the way this time. I was able to see my way out. I could tell that the end was near, but was just becoming impatient.

So for all of you out there who can feel that your trial is coming to an end, just hang on. Your deliverance is at hand. Just hooooooold on! You can do it.


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