GET OUTTA’ MY CLASS I want to tell one of my students! He doesn’t need to be there.


I have this student, we’ll call him Hallel, that just refuses to do his work, finds every excuse to get out of his seat, and has a bit of a sarcastic little tongue on him. He is, however, adorable. I like this kid and want him to succeed. The only problem with him being in my class, is him being in my class. He’s only in my class for behavioral issues and the fact that he won’t do any work. He complains that the work is too easy for him, yet he won’t do it.

I do admit that the work is too easy for him. The other kids are on pre-K–2nd grade level.

Looking at his scores from the beginning of the year when he was mainstreamed in another class until the end of the day, he is (or was, take your pick) functioning at or above grade level in everything except comprehension. I told him that he is too smart to be in my class and he knows it. He is wasting away in my class. I don’t want that to happen. I want him to go into a general ed. classroom where he can thrive.

So, you can see why him not doing his work is the main problem right there. There is nothing to measure his progress by because I don’t have any work samples. I have tried many things. One of which have included calling his father and having a conference with his mother.

Another part of the problem is that his mother believes every single thing that he says. She thinks that he is the perfect little angel. I wish that more parents were more realistic about their children. If you know that the teacher last year, and the year before, and the year before that complained of the same thing(s) that I am complaining of, you have to kinda’ take a look at your kid. No matter how painful it is! Because, you know what, you can’t be there for them for everything forever. They need to learn how to face up to their consequences. If not now, then when?