Leila, The Miracle Worker!

Leila, the miracle worker! That is what my administration thinks that I am. I, and my assistants have worked wonders with my class. However, it was only through consistent, hard work, not miracles.

**I’m sharing this because I’m not sure if I shared this or not. If I did, please forgive me.

Well, here’s the story: In teacher training I found out, from a U.T.L.A. union rep, that if I have not had proper training that I cannot break up fights. I informed my administration of this and they said that that was not the truth. They told me the  person who told me this may have mistakenly thought that I was a general education teacher.

“No,” I said, when I was given this information the union rep knew that I was a special ed. teacher.

“No,” said uninformed administrators, that is not the truth. It is your duty as a teacher to break those students up.

Well, some of those children are as big as I am, (I am 5 ft. tall) and I am not trying to get hurt or sued.

“Well,” retorted uninformed administrators, I would think that you, being a parent, would not want your own child to be hurt.

“Well, if the teacher was as small as I am, I would understand,” I said.

At any rate, the meeting went on with the uninformed administrators trying to intimidate me. They also told me not to talk to my union rep, lest this become an adversarial relationship.

Yeah! This situation actually happened! I called my union rep to apprise him of the situation but he was not in. I will call him back on Thursday or Friday.

I can’t believe that in this day and age that people are being bullied by administrators and told not to talk to their union. What are unions for if not to help the helpless or inform the uninformed?

Has anyone out there had the same experience? Let me know if you have.

Well, until next time people. Hasta la bye-bye.


2 thoughts on “Leila, The Miracle Worker!

  1. Not sure about the breaking up fights but as a former union rep it’s never a good sign if the administration says not to talk to the union rep.

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