Before I Became A Teacher!

Before I became a teacher I thought that:

  • Getting off at 2:30 was great hours. That would be great if it actually happened. Just because the bell rings at 2:30, it doesn’t mean that my day is through. In fact, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It just means that the children are leaving for the day. If I leave the door open, they even come back to the classroom. This differs vastly from when I was an assistant and left as soon as the bell rang. I kinda’ knew it was going to be this rough, but it’s always a shock with such a big change.
  • Before I became a teacher, I thought that I could not possibly manage a whole class, plan the lessons and teach it. (In other words, bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan!) I have since learned that it can be done. I discovered that I could also go to school while finishing my teaching credential/Master’s degree program, and still spend some quality time with my husband and children.
  • Before I became a teacher, everything was someone else’s problem. That someone has become me. I am the disciplinarian, second mom, custodian, Kinko copier person, lesson planner, writer, etc… (The list goes on).
  • Before I became a teacher, I had no idea the amount of time that was actually spent planning. Now I do.
  • Before I became a teacher, I didn’t know that I would sometimes feel like a comedian on stage @ the Apollo theater who’s being pulled offstage with that long cane. That’s what I felt like when I planned this math lesson that went horribly wrong. Almost as soon as I started the lesson, I could see that it was not working. So, being the flexible person that I am, I abandoned it and did something else. Boy, was that a long 6-7 minutes before I finally abandoned it.
  • Before I became a teacher, I didn’t know how accomplished I would feel for helping one of my students get 1/10 problems correct.
  • Before I became a teacher, I don’t know if I fully appreciated tissue paper, pipe cleaners, paper plates and all of the other small everyday items that teachers use to make crafts.

** Note** This list will be added to as I learn more.


Vegging Out On The Couch!

I am so enjoying the beginning of my Christmas break. Even though I’m recovering from a nasty cold, I am so relaxed because I know that I have time to be sick. I can just lay on the couch and relax while vegging out on television. Isn’t vacation grand?