How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? by Margaret McNamara

I haven’t reviewed any books for awhile. I figure it’s about time I did. This book is my latest acquisition. I received it, along with four others from Edge of the Forest. I am going to be reviewing books for them.

Of all the ones that I received, I liked this one the most. This book gave me a good idea about what to do with my science experiments for my students. First, I’ll tell you about the book, then you’ll understand where the idea came from.

This book, How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin (2007), written by Margaret McNamara and illustrated by G. Brian Karas, is a real treat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Let’s get down to the part that I loved so much about this book. I loved it so much because I was able to incorporate this book into my science and math lessons. In fact, this book was the basis for my whole science experiment.

The Math Coach was so impressed that I was able to use this book for math and science. He also liked the fact that this book showed the children real life connections. Now…on to the story.

“How many seeds in a pumpkin?” Mr. Tiffin asks his class.

That’s what this book is about-Mr. Tiffin’s third grade class who have three pumpkins to choose from to see which one has the most pumpkin seeds- small, medium, and large.

They get three guesses.

The cast of characters are: Robert, the tallest kid in the class, who bets that the biggest pumpkins has the most seeds. He guesses a million. Elinor, who always sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, is sure the medium pumpkin has 500 seeds. And lastly Charlie, the smallest kid, doesn’t have a guess.

Mr. Tiffin has a secret that he’s not telling his students. They find out after they make their guesses what his secret is.

What’s his secret? I guess you’re just going to have to read it and find out for yourself.


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