On Being Multi-Talented…

Earlier in the week I was speaking to a friend of mine about having a job that you like. She, of course, doesn’t like her job. She is very unhappy and wants another job. She was contemplating quitting her job and was asking God for a sign. As an answer to that request, someone gave her a tape by T.D. Jakes. In it he talks about working in a hostile environment. He also talked about how crazy it is to have only one source of income.

td-jakes.gifOnce you think about it, it is not financially sound to have only one source of income. What would happen should you lose that job? You would then be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I concurred wholeheartedly with him.

In fact I am on my way out the door to go over her house. I was supposed to be going over her house but just could not get out the house. I was napping and did not know that David was still here. Usually Phillip takes him to the park with him on Saturday mornings. It was only supposed to be me and Phillise. Once I found out that David was here, it threw my plans off. It took all day to get him dressed. Phillise didn’t want to put her stockings on. My brother called on the way out the door. I couldn’t find my cell phone. Blah, blah, blah…

I am so frustrated right now. I don’t like when my plans get derailed. Sometimes I am flexible, but more often than not, I’m not. I am trying to calm down, but am just so frustrated.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand, I really like our relationship because when she needs strength or a shoulder to cry on I am there for her and vice versa. We are on a mission to do things differently in 2008.

We are both multi-talented. I can write. I can cook like nobody’s business. I can also organize a party like nobody’s business. I am multi-talented and proud of it. I say that with all sincerity and no conceit. I have embraced my abilities and am proud of ’em. Now it is time to profit from them.

Since I couldn’t make it over her house today, we are going to talk on the phone to get together the first part of our plan. She’s going to give me a copy of the T.D. Jakes tape tomorrow.

Here’s looking to the future. A better one where I’m financially stable.

Until next time people!