Goodbye To Toolie!

Life is so funny. A couple of months ago I would have given anything to have this kid, Toolie, out of my class. He was loud and very disruptive. He called me names, etc.

I thought that once he was out of my class that it would be so much better off. Oh, how I wished and prayed for that day.

Well, you know how the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it”. Well, I got my wish. He’s gone. It’s not because of anything that I’ve done. It’s because his parents relocated.

Actually (truth be told), if I could have him back in the class, I would. Say what? Am I crazy? Aren’t I the one who was complaining? Why would I say that?

I say that because I had stopped wishing for him to be gone a couple of weeks before break. I stopped wishing for him to be gone because I finally put it in my mind that I was going to love him no matter what because he wasn’t a bad kid. I just needed to understand him and his needs more. I was starting to. He was also starting to get it. He would sit in his seat at least 98% of the day, and do the work. Keep in mind that when I came he wouldn’t even sit in his seat for 10 minutes. Believe when I say this. I am not exaggerating.

Even through all of that, he was getting it. He wasn’t the perfect child. But hey, no one is.

I really feel bad for him because change is hard for him. It is going to be a really tough adjustment for him. I am going to keep in touch with him though.

I know how he’s going to cope with it and it isn’t pretty. He is going to react the same way that he did when I first came.

So, it is with sadness and heaviness of heart that I bid adieu to Toolie. I will never forget him.


Now…Back To Reality! Part 2

Today will be business as usual. I have been off work since December 14th. I guess it’s time to go back. Even though I technically went back to work on Wednesday, tomorrow is the first official day back…with the children.

I can’t believe how good I felt over the break. I felt like I felt before I was feeling so inadequate. Now that I’m going back, I feel a little anxious. I didn’t plan as much as I wanted to, that’s why. I am a little mad at myself. It’s just that it felt so good to relax and not have so much responsibility. Now I will pay for it by staying up half the night making lesson plans.

Oh well. That’s what I get! Until next time people.