Even though I vacillate greatly between wanting to quit one day to being totally committed the next, I love my job and the children that I work with even though it may not seem like it from the way that I write about it. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

My way of thinking is changing on so many levels. My attitude about work is a key point. When I was an assistant I was a little cavalier about missing work. It did not bother me that much to miss work because I wasn’t as pivotal as I am now. However, I know that in order to ensure my success as a teacher I need to keep my absences to a bare minimum.

I know that this might sound crazy, but I started giving pep talks to myself about my responsibilities that I was going to have; the hectic schedule change and all of the things that come with being a new teacher and trying to balance all that with school and raising a family.

My thinking has changed so much that I didn’t even have the desire to be absent. I have not had any absences or been late in the whole two months that I’ve been a teacher. (I was late one time by two minutes).

I am a little disappointed that I had to miss work. It actually turned out to be a good thing though because I found out that I have this condition called Labyrinthine lesions in my ear. In fact I’ve had this for about 9 years, probably even longer.

The doctor that I saw last night in urgent care did not give me any information about it, so I googled it myself to find out what I wanted to know. One of the symptoms is clumsiness. Anyone who knows me know that I am extremely clumsy. I have sprained my ankle just walking in pumps.

This condition is not so bothersome. Well, it hasn’t been up til now. It comes and it goes. Usually it would only last for about 1 week (Tops!), then it would just go away. Well, something must have changed because I have been suffering from this for about a month now. It didn’t bother me enough to make me go to the doctor until yesterday when I got so dizzy that I had to leave work after about about 45 minutes.

I really didn’t want to miss work because I never know how the children in my class are going to react to anything. When the doctor told me that I needed to stay off work for another day, I was a little upset.

I really did not want to be absent. Now, because of this sickness, I’ve missed two days in a row. I’m going back to work tomorrow even though I am dizzy. I am going to be dizzy no matter where I am, so I may as well be at school helping the children in my class.

So until next time people!