Enough Already…

Yeah! Yeah! I know. I was just whining & complaining, but I am learning to just shut my big fat mouth. As I was sitting in the back of the classroom feeling sorry for myself, as I was having a strategy moment with one of my students, I realized that all these hard times are making me stronger & more competent.

I was just whining this morning to one of my friends about how I know that what I’m going through is designed to make me stronger but I’m just tired of going through it.

It is such a good thing that God doesn’t listen to all of our whining & complaining. If He did, we wouldn’t learn half the things that we’re supposed to.

When I was talking to my friend this morning, she said that I should look at the positive side of things. At the time, what with the crying and the feeling sorry for myself, I just couldn’t. Between tears and feeling sorry for myself, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

Now that I am home for the weekend, I am relaxed and can think more clearly. Even though, I wish that I could fast forward myself to the future when this “thing” is over and I have the knowledge that I need, I know that I can’t do that. I will just have to endure, shut my big mouth, and grow up!

God has brought me through so many things, so I have total confidence that he will bring me through this with grace, finesse, and much stronger for it.

So, until next time people! I will endure gracefully and not big mouthfully??? (Okay I know that sounds crazy, but you get what I’m saying, don’t you?)


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