My Dwindling Readership!

If my self-esteem were wrapped up in this blog, I would be in bad shape. I am talking about my readership through Feedburner. I have seen it dwindle from 9 hits/day at the beginning of this month to 1 hit/day.

Although this is a bit of a wake-up call to freshen things up, it’s also a challenge to see if I can get those readers back and then some. It’s a challenge to put back into this blog the passion that I used to have for it.

So thank you, fair weather readers. Thank you for leaving and inspiring me to get my mojo back.

It’s definitely a wake-up call to do something about my attitude towards teaching. When I started a mere couple of months ago, I was so gung-ho. I was hoping to be out of the survival stage of teaching within the first month. That, however, was so unrealistic. That’s my fault. I stopped giving my all to teaching and this blog.

So thanks again fair weather readers. Thanks for sending me a wake-up call to get it together with my teaching and this blog. Until next time people.