My Dwindling Readership!

If my self-esteem were wrapped up in this blog, I would be in bad shape. I am talking about my readership through Feedburner. I have seen it dwindle from 9 hits/day at the beginning of this month to 1 hit/day.

Although this is a bit of a wake-up call to freshen things up, it’s also a challenge to see if I can get those readers back and then some. It’s a challenge to put back into this blog the passion that I used to have for it.

So thank you, fair weather readers. Thank you for leaving and inspiring me to get my mojo back.

It’s definitely a wake-up call to do something about my attitude towards teaching. When I started a mere couple of months ago, I was so gung-ho. I was hoping to be out of the survival stage of teaching within the first month. That, however, was so unrealistic. That’s my fault. I stopped giving my all to teaching and this blog.

So thanks again fair weather readers. Thanks for sending me a wake-up call to get it together with my teaching and this blog. Until next time people.


5 thoughts on “My Dwindling Readership!

  1. First things first…don’t put too much stock in feedburner or technorati’s rankings they’re not entirely accurate. I’m not sure what kind of voodoo they perform.

    I’m still reading though I don’t always comment. I would suggest that you set your blog so that whole posts show up in feeds instead of just a summary. In other words, I read 100+ blogs. For yours, only the first five lines show up and I have to click over to read the rest. I can’t do this as much as I’d like. If you could put the whole thing on that first page I might read additional posts.

    But none of this should matter to the feedburner ranking. I’m still reading your blog and I’m sure I’m not your one reader.

  2. I also read regularly, and agree that you should change the setting as Mathew recommended.

    Keep up the good reflections – and write for yourself as much as you write for the audience.

  3. I tried to change it from feed summary to the whole post and couldn’t. I don’t remember how to do it. As soon as I find out, I will definitely do that. Thanks for the advice.

  4. I have to say that I’m not a feed fan. I’ve subscribed to a few, but I never use them. I still stick to my well-organized bookmarks. Maybe I just haven’t caught the wave yet and will in the future. Who knows…

    Buuuut, if I were a fan of the feeds, I think I would prefer the summaries myself. Some of the posts might not apply or whatever, and I wouldn’t want to have to go through every single one (if there were lots).

    Lorelle has a great post of writing with excerpts in mind:

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