Fun with Picasso!

Even though I dislike OCR because it’s not suitable for special ed, I have to admit that I had so much fun a couple of weeks ago with the Picasso story in Open Court (3rd grade). I am happy to announce that I will be switching to Voyager when I have training next week, and provided I can get the manual for it.

I planned on switching to Voyager, however, that 3 hour training turned into 1 1/2, which turned into 1 hour. I have yet to receive the manual. That’s a whole different story which I will save for another time. So, needless to say, I will not be starting Voyager.
N-e way, back to the lecture at hand, to pique the children’s interest, I printed some pictures of Picasso, along with some other famous artist to compare & contrast.

For another activity, we discussed the different styles of the various artists. Their assignment: Draw their version of the Picasso pictures. These were their choices:


“Figures on a Beach”

“The Dream”

“The Guitar Player”

Don’t know the name of this one.

We had so much fun. The other 3rd grade teacher next door wanted to do it.

This is what they came up with: (I will post the pictures later).

So until next time people!

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