Left Out Yet Again!

I got left out of everything yet again. Last week, in the faculty meeting, as I was perusing the list for Career Day, I wasn’t surprised that my name was nowhere on the list.

I thought that our psychologist was in charge of compiling the list so I asked her why my name wasn’t on the list. She told me that the Principal “thought” that most of my kids were mainstreamed and that I had no one in the class.

Really? Are you serious? This is laughable. Only three of my fourteen students are mainstreamed. Another one who’s supposed to be mainstreamed does not want to go. There is always someone with me. Always!

I will figure out a way to quit getting overlooked.  Until I write again!


Yay! Not today!

Yay! As it turns out, today is not my day to present. My day is on the 24th. I will stay true to my promise and do my work this week ahead of time, so I will not be so stressed out. As for the assignment that was due where I confused phonological awareness and phonemic awareness (they are basically the same by the way, just in case you’re interested), my teacher gave me an extension until Wednesday. I’m telling you, God really looks out for me. I was so stressed. I could literally feel my blood pressure rising.

I am in class. I am supposed to be watching a film, so I guess I’d better go.

i will stop stressing and keep my blood pressure at a safe and healthy level. So, until next time people!

As Usual…

As usual, all of my worrying and stressing has been for naught. My Stull was great. The only criticism that my Principal had was that two of my posters couldn’t be seen from the student’s seat. That takes so much stress off of me.

Additionally, for school I was supposed to critique an article on RICA domains I & II, which are assessment and phonemic awareness. However, I chose an article on phonological awareness and could not get an understanding as to whether this was the same thing as phonemic awareness, so my blood pressure has been up because I am unprepared for class tonight. In addition to that, I can’t remember when I signed up to lead the chapter discussion, so I think it’s my turn to speak on a chapter that I’ve only skimmed through. I hope not. If it’s not, I will actually do the reading next week. One of the first times I’m unprepared, this happens.

It’s okay. I’ve made it through tougher situations, and I’ll make it through this.

So, until next time people!