I am heartbroken. One of my favorite students, Man-Man, has checked out and moved to another school. I am just torn up about this. He was just beginning to make progress.

When I first took over the class in November, he’d arrived just a couple of weeks before that. So, this will make his third school this year.

I feel broken up about this because I don’t know how his teacher at his new school will respond to him. Will he/she be what he needs? Will they understand him? If they don’t, will they try to understand him? Will they be patient with him like I was? Will his love of drawing be encouraged like it was in my class? Will the teacher appreciate his more than astute observations or will she shut him up, thinking that he’s being insolent? Will the environment be a safe haven, where the students are not allowed to laugh at each other, like it was in my class? Will he feel safe there? If not, how long will it take for him to feel safe?

If I had to choose a student to lose, it would not have been him. When things were slow, he would liven up the conversation with his knowledge that was quite impressive for someone who could barely read and wrote on a kindergarten level. I am really going to miss this kid. I am going to call his house (if the number is the same) tonight to see how he’s doing and wish him well.

Bye-bye Man-Man. You will be missed!


Midnight Thinking!

What is midnight thinking? Well, it is a term I made up (although I’m sure someone else thought of it also) when I was thinking about how you think that an idea is so brilliant. At midnight!!! That is, until you wake up the next morning and try to read it. You’re like, what the hell did I write? It makes no sense now, but last night it was brilliant.

confused-look.jpgWell, it really wasn’t. You were just sleepy, typing with one eye open. Yeah, that’s me. I have been doing a whole bunch of that lately. Hopefully I’ll catch up with my work and not have to do too much midnight thinking or writing.

Now that you know, you can sleep better, right? Well, I know I will.

So, until next time people!