Guess Who Called?

If you said Lito, then you guessed correctly. I wasn’t upset about it though. He just wanted to talk to me, so I talked to him. He even put his little brother on the phone and I talked to him too.
I know that he wants to behave. It simply is not in his best interest to do that. He’d rather be thought of as bad, then stupid. It’s a no win situation for him. If he stops acting big and bad, then more people might pick on him because he’s in special ed. If he tries to read better and fails, then he’s really going to be in for it. He will really be defeated. In his case, it is far easier not to try.
I get it. I totally get it. It makes it a little easier for me to deal with his behaviors, but it’s still hard. I will not give up though. I’m not just saying this because this is my new catchphrase. I’m saying it because it’s true. I cannot and will not give up on this child because as always failure is simply not an option. This is this childs’ quality of life we’re talking about. I really want to make a difference in this child’s life. It’s not just for vanity’s sake; it’s for Lito’s sake.
I must succeed!


Oh Well…

Oh, well! I had to kick Lito out of class anyway. He wouldn’t do anything; he kept interrupting and was just a constant source of disruption. I felt bad about it, but if I let him continue to misbehave, then two of my other students, Robin and Mannish will start misbehaving also.
Mannish ‘s favorite line is “Why did you say something to me if you didn’t say nothing to him?”
My reply, “Take care of yourself. That’s what your biggest problem is. You’re always worrying about everyone else.”
His reply, “But…”
My reply, “That’s it. I’m not listening anymore. Stop talking.”
I know that it may sound mean, but if I don’t stop this particular kid from talking, he will go on and on and… (well, you get the point!)
N-e way, I called Lito’s grandmother and left a message for her to call me.
“A-ha,” said Lito, “I’m going to call you. I have your number now. I’m going to call you.”
Let’s see if he calls!
Until next time people.

So Proud Of Myself, Part ?

I don’t know what part of …So proud of myself this is, but I do know that I am so proud of myself. Lito was having one of his weekly tantrums. Initially he wouldn’t come in, but I managed to get him to come into the classroom. Not only that, I got him to read the story that he gave up on yesterday afternoon when he ran out of the classroom.

I was going to send him out, but I know that that won’t do anyone any good; especially not him. I know that he’s misbehaving because of his situation, but it is so hard to be patient when I want to throttle him.
Once he’s in a bad mood because of the boys in the other class that he mainstreams to, there is no placating him; he is in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
I always know when he’s coming back to the classromm. First, I hear his footsteps. Then I hear his loud breathing, since he’s out of breath from running down the hallway. Next, comes the loud pounding on the door. After that, his extra loud talking as he disrupts the class when he enters the room. Finally, I can’t help but notice the noises that he makes with his mouth while he’s drumming on the desk as I try to teach class.
If he’s too loud, I’ll talk to him when I finish what I’m doing if I can wait that long; if the drumming on the desk doesn’t drive me crazy first. If I can’t wait, I will get the class started on whatever it is I want them to do, tell him to meet me in the back of the classroom at my desk, and think of something- anything- to defuse this little ready-to-explode timebomb.
Even though I can contain his behavior and get him to calm down, there are times that I do end up sending him out because he is such a big disruption to the class. Those are the times I feel like giving up on him.
However, as always, I will keep on trying because failure is simply not an option!