Whew! It’s Over

OMG, I am so happy. I just attended my last meeting. It wasn’t really bad. It’s just that it was one extra thing to do. I loved it because my supervisor was so nice. I was happy that I had her. I heard horror stories about some supervisors. But not her. She was like the perfect supervisor. She always managed to find the good in me and my lessons.
One time she was observing one of my lessons where I was supposed to be teaching cause & effect. It would have worked out really nice if I wouldn’t have been teaching effect & cause. I had to stop in the middle of the lesson and tell my assistants and the children that we were doing the wrong worksheet.
She thought that it was so nice that I wasn’t afraid to admit that I was wrong.
I felt like such a big fat goofball! However, Mrs. C. was so understanding about that. I really loved having her as a supervisor. If I have to find another school, I won’t have her as my supervisor. It’ll be a trade-off. I’ll have a better work environment, but I won’t have Mrs. C.
Oh well! You can’t have everything.


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