Breathe… This is what my friend Susan told me as I was driving to school. I was telling her how I was so stressed out because I didn’t even have time to complete my take home final. I was so mad at myself. Well, there were so many other things I was mad at as well.
First and foremost, I am mad at the hand I’m being dealt. To tell you the truth, I was having my own private little party- a pity party.
“Why does my life have to be so hard?” I asked myself. I thought that things were getting better and turning around when I got a job, only to have the job become a constant source of stress.
I wanted to concentrate my energy on being a student instead of having to teach full-time and attend school at the end of a hard day when I am so drained that I’m really not paying attention anyway. Instead, I have to work because I have four little people depending on me. I cannot afford, quite literally and figuratively, to drop the ball. So, I just won’t.
I will survive and thrive though, because failure is simply not an option!


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