Guess How Smart I Am…

Guess how smart I am???

(I am laughing so hard as I type this!)

I am so smart that I thought it was Saturday. Let me begin my story by saying that I came home from work and took a nap. Okay, that being said, now I shouldn’t sound so crazy as I tell this story.

My little boy and girl came in my room and woke me up to talk to me. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:00. Since I was still in a sleepy haze, I thought that it was 7:00 a.m. and that I was running late.

“David, get dressed,” I said.

Mom, it’s Saturday. We don’t have to go anywhere.

“Okay”, I said sarcastically. If you want it to be Saturday, you let it be Saturday, but for me it’s Friday!

He and Phillise tried in vain to convince me that it was still Friday, but I just wouldn’t hear it. As they left the room, I began to wonder if I’d slept for twelve straight hours. Had I?

No, I hadn’t. I’d only slept for about three hours.

Yeah, that’s how smart I am!!!


More Students?

In the past week, I got two new students. In the next two weeks I will be getting two more. All boys!!!!
Did I really need any more students? Especially at the end of the school year?

One of my newest one is so angry that he is being transferred to Special ed. He was probably one of the ones that made fun of special ed kids because he was afraid that everyone would notice that he was only one step away from being in here.

I am trying to be patient with him but it is so difficult because everyone is looking at what he’s doing. If he gets away with it, then they will try it also. I have to nip this problem in the bud as gently as possible. I know that he’s feeling inadequate, angry, and betrayed because no one told him that he was staying in here, but he still needs to follow directions.