(Happy 500th post!) Cutting Off Your Nose…

HAPPY 500th post to me! I was trying to reach it before my 1-year anniversary, May 11, but I had so much to do I just did not make it then. But I’ve made it now.

When I was younger, I would cut off my nose to spite my face. It was so silly. When I think back on it, I wonder how I could have ever been like that. Needless to say, I don’t do that anymore. What I do do is try to smooth things over. I always try being nice first. Once nice doesn’t work, I resort to my old ways. (Not good, I know.) However, that doesn’t happen until much much later.

I have learned that I need this nose, as well as other parts (my brain). When I was younger I always believed in giving someone a piece of my mind until I saw an e-mail or some article beggin the question: If you are always giving someone a piece of your mind, how much do you have left?

The author wrote the article/e-mail/whatever it was, in such descriptive terms that I actually imagined giving away little pieces of my mind. With the sassy attitude, hands on hips person that I was, I did not stop to consider that I was giving away my own sanity. No one was taking it away. I was giving it away.

Just a little something to think about for the next time you’re giving someone a piece of your mind! How ’bout that?

See ya’ next time! Hasta la bye-bye!


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