A Hectic Saturday!

I had such a hectic & crazy Saturday. It took me awhile to calm down. The day started off normally enough. However, by 4:00, I was in tears.


Well, my husband and I went to a hazardous waste disposal site. Our plans after that was to go to one of my sister’s house for a little scrapbooking. So, I put my miniature die-cutting machine in the trunk along with the hazardous waste we wanted to dispose of.

Why, oh why, didn’t I think to make sure the people didn’t take my die-cutting machine, I don’t know; but I didn’t. So, long story short, my die-cutting machine was taken out of the trunk and disposed of. And if you’re wondering if I cried, the answer would be yes. Of course I did. I am such a big fat crybaby!

I was so upset. I didn’t even want to go to my sister’s house. I still went, and surprisingly enjoyed myself. I still wish that I could have a do over though regarding my machine.

Oh, well!