A Fancy Nancy Party!

Just in case you don’t know about Fancy Nancy (2005), it’s a children’s book, written by Jane O’Connor & illustrated by Robin Preiss.

The first book in the series is Fancy Nancy. The second is Fancy Nancy & The Posh Puppy, and the last one is Fancy Nancy- Bonjour Butterfly.

The little girl in the book, Nancy, has to have everything fancy. She loves all kinds of fancy stuff like feather boas, glitter, crowns, bright & bold colors. She’s so unlike her family who are extra plain.

Hence, the fancy dress up parties to promote the book. I had planned to take Phillise to one of the parties when the book debuted, but I worked Saturday school and ended up missing all of them. So we have decided to throw our own.

Since I missed the parties, I am in the midst of planning our very own Fancy Nancy party for Phillise & a couple of her cousins in July. I was just at Michael’s Saturday night buying some items to complement the theme of growns and everything fancy.

I am going to make memory books for all six five girls with this oh so girly paper.

It is so cute. It’s pink with burgundy & black dresses and purses on them.

As an added bonus, I bought some stuff for Phillise & her cousins to decorate (magic wands & foam crowns). I am also going to buy them some fancy feather boas and play necklaces for dress-up fun.

It is going to be so great. I am so excited. I will write more about it and actually upload pictures of the event. Phillise and I wrote a post about it on her blog. Click here to check it out: www.phillise.wordpress.com


One thought on “A Fancy Nancy Party!

  1. What great ideas! It would be a great theme for a birthday party. Just stumbled upon our blog. I love it.


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