Being An Assistant Is Not The Same

Ever since November, when I got the  shock and wake up call of my life when I started my first teaching job. I have found out that being an assistant is not the same as being a teacher. If I didn’t know it before then, I know it now. It was a very rude awakening.

When I was an assistant, I had virtually no responsibilities. When the bell rang for the day, I left. When school was over at 2:30, I was gone. Looking for me at 2:31 was useless because you weren’t going to find me.

Now, when school is out @ 2:30, you can still find me; sometimes until 4:30.

Yeah, a big difference I know, but that’s what being a teacher is all about. Putting in the time necessary to achieve mastery and be the best that you can so the students can benefit. I have moved on to the third stage of teaching, which is mastery. That’s where I am now. The survival stage didn’t work for me. That is not a good place to be. I cannot imagine staying like that. I would leave the profession before I would stay there.

So, here’s to moving on to mastery!

Here, here!

4 thoughts on “Being An Assistant Is Not The Same

  1. I honestly don’t believe anyone graduates through multiple stages in one year. The first year is ALL about survival, unless you’re a prodigy like Erin Gruwell. My second year (which just ended) was still mostly survival, though I did start to get a feel for my individuality as a teacher.

    In any case, congratulations. =)

  2. I like that attitude! “I’m moving on to mastery NOW, no matter what you think! It sucks here in survival mode!”

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